San Diego - Next....S'vimv'ear!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Remember this commerical from the 80s? Pay attention please! Tank you... Umm yeah, and I'm not showing you mine, the beauty in the video is much more appealing!

Jackson was a bit gun-shy of the water this time after taking a full dip a few days before. And yes, it warmed up that day and my bro and I took in some boogie boarding. We were the only ones out playing in the waves WITHOUT wetsuits - pansys! Thanks for the fun time Curt and Mary! Hope to see you in the fall after Jr is born! (And please pick a name or I'll have to keep calling him that!)


Sara said...

Very cute pics TFS

Jennifer Scull said...

what fun photos! and there is nothing wrong with Jr.! ;) it could be FARRRRRRR worse!

Scrubbysue said... ADORABLE!!! he is SO handsome!

katiesniche said...

Great pics! That video is too funny. It's how I'd show off swimwear too, lol