Good Things Utah

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Most people know I absolutely avoid camera's like the plague and certainly don't post them if I do end up in a shot. But, today my best stamping friends, Vicky, Missi, Julie and I sat in the studio audience of Good Things Utah (thanks for getting the tickets Julie!). Shelli Gardner, the cofounder of Stampin' Up was there to showcase SU's new decor elements line and was very gracious to have a photo taken with us after the show. Those who are demos know that if you went to convention, you would have to stand in line for hours to get a picture taken with Shelli. But I think we were the only demos there today and she was very kind.

This photo is also going to stand for my "before" picture. (And standing next to a very skinny Shelli doesn't help much) I'm going to start a weight loss challenge with my Liv sXinney pals on Friday. The challenge ends December 31st so my hopes then are to show another photo of a thinner me! Time to get 10 years of "baby waiting" fat off!

Camera DOWN - blog giveaway!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My camera has been put in it's final resting place. Can't say this was the first time, but it was dropped and this time with fatalities. So, next week is camera shopping week. I would love to hear suggestions on what kind of camera you have and what you love about it. Make sure you list your name in your comment and I will use a random selector on Friday, the 19th, to pull a number!

Oh, the prize, a stamp set! Of course, I can't take a picture of it, but I actually have about 15 different ones which have never been opened or assembled, so I'll let the winner choose!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Edited to add - the random selector chose the number 1! Jen, I sent you a message!
And as much as I wish I could get the Canon Rebel (and afford it!) I chose a Sony Cybershot. There were a few recommendations on it and it was rated the highest in Consumer Reports. Hopefully I can get some new posts and picts up soon!

Country Living Magazine - Free stamp!

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Just another day in paradise...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So Jackson started preschool today. I've been a bit sad as my baby isn't a baby anymore and don't feel like loosening the apron strings just yet. How I played it out in my mind: We would walk down the sidewalk (thankfully it's only a few houses away) hand in hand and I would tell him about all the great things he would learn. Then when we would arrive, he would be clinging to me and asking to go home and I would reassure him that it will be fun and he'll make some new friends and then give him a big kiss and leave, hoping his new teacher can handle his sadness.

Ummm, No. As soon as I opened our front door, he tore down the sidewalk and arrived there minutes before I did. I had to tackle him to get a picture of his first day before he ran into his class and disappeared. I went in and interrupted his immediate find of the toys to make sure he knew where the bathroom was and tell him to listen to his teacher. I don't think he even knew I was there. The nerve... I wonder if Miss Angie will be able to handle my sadness!

Tribute to all Mothers!

So, I know many people might find this a bit queasy... Yesterday, I witnessed the birth of my new nephew, Shawn Scott. My awesome sister-in-law, Erin, was very happy to let me be a part of such an extraordinary occasion. And since I don't have any biological sisters, and never gave birth myself, I was excited that she was so willing! It was so different than you usually see in the movies (go figure). But I am left with such an admiration of all mom's! She was in a lot of pain and endured it so well. (Thank goodness for the epidural that took forever to kick in!) I know for her it may have gone on forever but the whole process seemed to go so fast and he was here! What a miracle that happens every second of the day! And she was already planning the timing of her next one - WOW! Erin, you are one incredible lady as all mother's are! I know that most people don't find photos after giving birth too attractive but either do those after running a marathon - and I think she looks amazing! Happy BIRTHday Shawn!