Tribute to all Mothers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, I know many people might find this a bit queasy... Yesterday, I witnessed the birth of my new nephew, Shawn Scott. My awesome sister-in-law, Erin, was very happy to let me be a part of such an extraordinary occasion. And since I don't have any biological sisters, and never gave birth myself, I was excited that she was so willing! It was so different than you usually see in the movies (go figure). But I am left with such an admiration of all mom's! She was in a lot of pain and endured it so well. (Thank goodness for the epidural that took forever to kick in!) I know for her it may have gone on forever but the whole process seemed to go so fast and he was here! What a miracle that happens every second of the day! And she was already planning the timing of her next one - WOW! Erin, you are one incredible lady as all mother's are! I know that most people don't find photos after giving birth too attractive but either do those after running a marathon - and I think she looks amazing! Happy BIRTHday Shawn!


Vicky said...

Absolutly AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Erin looks great, Dad looks so happy and you are lucky to have witnessed such a wonderful miracle called life. Happy birthday little one. Congrats Auntie

PLEASE . . . said...

Congratulations Erin and the whole family! Another cute one! Erin you look so vibrant, you certainly don't look like you just gave birth!! Where do you get your energy?

Julie H

Erin said...

Boy! I don't know what picture you all are looking at, but the one I'm seeing is different, Smiling, Shiny, and sad looking hair. oh well, I guess you never approve of yourself the way you should. I can't believe he's already gained a pound! I'm glad you were able to be there Amy!