Good Things Utah

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Most people know I absolutely avoid camera's like the plague and certainly don't post them if I do end up in a shot. But, today my best stamping friends, Vicky, Missi, Julie and I sat in the studio audience of Good Things Utah (thanks for getting the tickets Julie!). Shelli Gardner, the cofounder of Stampin' Up was there to showcase SU's new decor elements line and was very gracious to have a photo taken with us after the show. Those who are demos know that if you went to convention, you would have to stand in line for hours to get a picture taken with Shelli. But I think we were the only demos there today and she was very kind.

This photo is also going to stand for my "before" picture. (And standing next to a very skinny Shelli doesn't help much) I'm going to start a weight loss challenge with my Liv sXinney pals on Friday. The challenge ends December 31st so my hopes then are to show another photo of a thinner me! Time to get 10 years of "baby waiting" fat off!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Once I have this baby--I'll be on the weight loss train, too! And I'm not stopping until it's all gone. If only I had appreciated how skinny I was when we worked together! ;)

Paula said...

LOL Amy. I know all about "baby waiting" weight. I wish you the best. Sounds like a fun time at GMU.

koscar said...

You go girl!
Love you,