Going through template growing pains

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry to everyone visiting lately. I'm making some changes so hang in there... it will all be fixed soon! This is frustrating!!!!! Does anyone know how to change a template in blogger wihout losing your widgets? And if there isn't a way, how do you save your widget info and bring it back into the new template! I need Blogger for Dummies!

Picking one that fits me is so hard. Aargh!


ER said...

Amy, go to the cutest blog on the block, you can get the link from my blog(upper left hand corner), click on any of their backgrounds and they'll give you step by step instructions. You don't have to give up your widgets! You do, however, have to put it in standard template mode (on your templates page) and then cut and paste the background to an html widget. It explains it all.

Burnin' Rubber said...

Erin! You are a lifesaver! When are we playing again?

ER said...

Whenever you want! Give us a date and a time! Give Mark a week in advance so he can get most of his homework done.... :)