Sunday, August 17, 2008

We went to Lagoon on Friday with my Squire work party. Scott and I couldn't even remember the last time we went there. (He says before we were married, she says while we were married - who knows - at least 10 years). Back then it was a bit podunk but it has improved 100 fold and we had a blast! And we ran into my sweet friend, Melissa, and her family whom I've known since I lived in South Dakota over 20 years ago! Jackson had a blast riding the rides with Zoe and Jake! And Melissa and her parents watched Jackson so Scott and I could ride a "Big Kid" ride. We went on Wicked. Not what I thought it was when I'm standing in line. The beginning of the ride shoots you straight vertical for 110 feet in the air and then straight back down again. There was this 10 year old kid in line next to us that told me that if I was to ride with the big boys I better buck up. Buckle up was more like it! - I wanna go again!

Photos from Lagoon - Click the X in the right top corner to view slideshow again
Jackson won the safe driver award on the bumper cars. He was driving around the outside of the area so no one would bump into him and was a bit confused when they did. It was so funny! He rode some of the bigger kid rides and loved them all!